Tag: Permissioned Blockchain

These Controversial Changes Turn Electroneum Into a Permissioned Ecosystem

Any changes introduced by cryptocurrency developments will be looked over, scrutinized, and potentially stir heated debates. In the case of Electroneum, some prominent changes were introduced recently which leave the community somewhat divided. Albeit the altcoin wants to move ahead in a specific direction, it remains to be seen how the new ecosystem will affect its community in the months ahead.  The Moderated Blockchain In the cryptocurrency world, every blockchain …
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If We Can Lose Our Money, What About Our Data?

We hear a lot about wallets and exchanges being hacked. And about ICO scams and unfortunate investors waking up to zero balances. Investing in the crypto space is scary. The prospect of losing money is scary. But what about losing data? As Equifax so monumentally demonstrated, having one’s personal information wind up in the hands of hackers is no walk in the park either. So, would using blockchain make us any …
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Are Some Banks Out To Discredit Blockchain Technology?

Those in the Bitcoin industry feel it is a positive trend to see so many different financial institutions work on embracing blockchain technology. At the same time, there are others who are wondering if these developers are just being attracted by greed, or if they want to make the world a better place. Regardless of which side you are on, the question remains a valid one. Also read: Fidelity Charitable Starts …
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