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Three Cryptocurrencies Whose 2017 Gains Beat XRP

When media outlets report on the massive gains seen by cryptocurrencies in the monumental year of 2017, they often reference Ripple (XRP) as the biggest winner, which gained 36,000% in value from start to end. While Ripple did see the greatest price increase throughout the year among large and well-known coins, there are a number of other coins which far outperformed even Ripple. Pepecash On January 1, 2017, an infant Counterparty (XCP) based artwork registry …
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A Beginner’s Guide to Counterparty

While many cryptocurrencies exist as competitors to or as evolutions of the Bitcoin protocol, there are other initiatives that instead seek to cooperate and bolster the pioneer blockchain. Perhaps the oldest and most profound of these projects is Counterparty, an asset layer created directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. What is Counterparty? Counterparty (XCP) is a peer-to-peer financial system built directly upon Bitcoin’s blockchain protocol. The coin positions itself as an asset …
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What in the World Is Pepecash?

Anyone who has noticed Pepecash flirting with the top 100 on CoinMarketCap is probably wondering how exactly this meme coin rose to such a position. Pepecash, which is named after Pepe the Frog, a popular meme, is currently trading at around 700 satoshi. It currently boasts a market capitalization of over US$75 million. Pepecash is a CounterParty (XCP) asset, similar to BitCrystals and Databits. Pepecash serves the function of registering Rare Pepes …
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