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SatoshiPay Launches New Bitcoin Paywall

SatoshiPay, a micro-transaction bitcoin payment company, has announced the launch of its new login-free paywall. The company, which is based in London, gives content creators the opportunity to monetize their content with transactions that settle almost instantly on the blockchain, “Nanopayments can be fractions of a cent. They are instantly settled and can be executed at high frequency.” said Meinhard Benn, CEO and Founder of SatoshiPay. Other payment methods such …
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Making Money With Bitcoin – Content Creation Paywalls

There are several ways for content creators to monetize their creations and get paid in Bitcoin while doing so. Tools like ProTip and ChangeTip are perfect for smaller amounts of money and donations, whereas Popchest seems to take a similar approach but by using worldwide micro paywalls for all types of media. In fact, it seems like the service is mostly targeting video content. Also read: Bitcoin Education – How To …
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