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Bitcoin Payroll Services Will Come to 4,700+ GMO Internet Group Employees

The recent Bitcoin uptrend has certainly introduced a lot of new people to cryptocurrency. Over in Japan, it is no secret that Bitcoin and some altcoins are extremely popular. In fact, one corporation has shown it is willing to pay its employees’ salaries in Bitcoin. GMO Internet Group’s new payroll system will be available to all of its 4,700+ employees. Whether or not anyone will sign up for this service remains to be seen, …
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Bitwage Releases Bitcoin Payroll for Individuals in Europe

Receiving wage payments should be easy, and we at Bitwage think living in this new digital world–in which earning a wage is an integral part—everything should be a fast, transparent, seamless, and secure experience. That’s why we have been continuously working to make Bitwage more accessible to all of our users.  As you may already know, our Bitwage Payroll services for Individuals (BPI) enables anyone, whether you are an employee …
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Bitwage Further Enhances User Privacy

Most people active in the Bitcoin ecosystem will have heard of Bitwage by now. Bitwage is a company that allows users to receive their wages in the form of Bitcoin, without the sender having to do anything special. Improving this new payroll service is a key element to its success, in the long run, which is why a new Extended Public Key Import feature has been added. Also read: …
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