Reshaping Shopping with Blockchain and AI – OSA DC Launches Token Sale

New York, N.Y, May 24, 2018 – OSA Decentralized (OSA DC), a team of experts in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and the retail industry, has launched a token sale. The company’s goal is to use capital raised in the sale to scale their AI-powered blockchain platform and provide the entire retail industry with a much-needed digital overhaul.   Due to antiquated, analog-based systems still used in product ordering, shipping, and …
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AI and Blockchain Synergy: How OSA DC is Fixing the Retail Industry

Optimal Shelf Availability Decentralized (OSA DC) aims to revolutionize the retail practice of the same name–namely, optimal shelf availability for supply chain businesses. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article With OSA DC, retailers and manufacturers will be able to manage their shared inventory more efficiently than they can under existing business models.  Current strategies are insufficient for optimizing product stocking and gauging purchasing trends, leading retailers to lose an estimated …
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