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ORS GROUP signs MoU with South Korean telecom operator to cooperate on Artificial Intelligence applications

Milan – May 1: ORS GROUP, the international Artificial Intelligence leader in software solutions, has today announced its Memorandum of Understanding with Sejong Telecom, a South Korean enterprise that provides telecommunications services. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article The companies will work together to develop innovative solutions in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for various industries in South Korea, especially the telecommunications sector. ORS is a leading global supplier …
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ORS GROUP’s New Reservation Contracts for Authorised Communities Now Available on Telegram and KakaoTalk

London — 21th April: Today marks the official launch of ORS GROUP’s new Reservation Contracts (RC), available to all entrepreneurs, developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts via Telegram and KakaoTalk. The company’s previously launched RC for the authorised Italian communities collected a sizeable 2,500 ETH in its first week, and this current endeavor expects only to add to the company’s streak of success. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article ORS GROUP has delivered …
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Crypto Dreams: My Journey to the Blockchain Shores

Fabio Zoffi, the CEO and Chairman of ORS Group had a few things to say about his journey to the blockchain shores. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article My journey towards the blockchain shores is revealing itself like a musical composition of what I have been reasoning and partially acting upon in the last few years — the true nature of capitalism and money, how to turn technologies into successful …
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