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Opporty: Ethereum-Based Market Place With Decentralized Escrow System

The structures of traditional marketplaces are inefficient and unnecessarily complex, primarily due to their reliance on intermediaries and third party service providers. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Companies and individuals engaging in trades, sales of goods, and exchange in services are required to depend on escrow services that often demand expensive service and maintenance fees. Such inefficiency and high costs involved in escrow services have created a difficult environment …
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Real World Business’s Widespread Adoption of Blockchain is Possible with Opporty’s ICO

Like many other brands poised to disrupt outdated business practices and even entire industries, Opporty’s ICO promises to tear down obstacles for small business to conduct their operations. Opporty offers a new marketplace with the most favorable conditions for businesses and contractors. It is a brand-new idea with an already established platform based on blockchain. Opporty’s new solution will change the business landscape and level the playing field for small …
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