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MyEtherWallet Code Will Be Forked to Create MyCrypto Service

Most Ethereum enthusiasts have come across the MyEtherWallet service at some point in their lives. It is a convenient web wallet solution for both Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Moreover, it supports authentication with hardware wallets for additional security. It seems a new era is upon us as far as MEW is concerned. A code “fork” is in order, and it appears the competing service will have a bigger team. Whether or not this is …
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Avoid Online Bitcoin Wallet Provider Coinwallet.eu

There are many different services active in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Particularly online wallet services can be hit-and-miss, as it is difficult to distinguish legitimate offerings from outright scams. Coinwallet.eu falls into this latter category, as they do not respond to customer inquiries and do not pay out funds either. Avoid this company at all costs. Coinwallet.eu is An Empty Shell of Nothingness On the outside, Coinwallet.eu may look …
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