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Virgin Galactic Chairman Correctly Predicted the oil Price Crash

It is evident that people who have opinions on Bitcoin may be slightly more knowledgeable about the financial markets in general.  Virgin Galactic Chairman and Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya is one of those individuals. There are many people who have opinions on the financial markets. Virgin Galactic Chairman Blasts Oil price Predictions Most of them hardly ever get any prediction right, but that is not entirely abnormal. Virgin Galactic …
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Iran Squabble Over Fiat Currency Makes Bitcoin Look Stronger

Making sense of the financial ecosystem in this day and age is all but impossible. There are so many under the table deals and agreements, as well as other political plays going on at nay given time. To make matters even more confusing, Iran is looking to export oil again but refuses to accept payments in US Dollar. Instead, they demand to be paid in Euro, which could be seen …
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An Investment in Bitcoin Equals Looking For Financial Stability

Now that the financial ecosystem is in a state of chaos, investors are looking to scoop up some cheaper assets and rebuild the value of their portfolios. Some people are looking to traditional solutions, such as oil or certain fiat currencies. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is looking quite appealing, as the price per BTC remains fairly low for the time being. Finding the right investment is not an easy …
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