An Investment in Bitcoin Equals Looking For Financial Stability

Now that the financial ecosystem is in a state of chaos, investors are looking to scoop up some cheaper assets and rebuild the value of their portfolios. Some people are looking to traditional solutions, such as oil or certain fiat currencies. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is looking quite appealing, as the price per BTC remains fairly low for the time being. Finding the right investment is not an easy task, but Bitcoin presents its case fairly well. 

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Investment In The Future of Finance

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With fiat currency markets being as volatile as they are, investors are left with very few options to snag up some interesting opportunities to make profit in the short or long run. Especially the short-term investments are not looking all that profitable for the time being, unless there are a lot of funds to be invested in exchange for a small amount.

Oil seems to present an interesting investment opportunity, as the price has been plummeting for quite some time now. With the price per barrel of oil well below US$30 for quite some time now, there is general excitement to buy up some assets now in the hope of seeing a future price increase.

At the same time, there are little to no indications regarding a potential price jump for barrels of oil anytime soon. OPEC Countries can keep producing at these cheap rates without losing too much money, and other countries simply can’t compete at that level. While the future of the oil price remains uncertain right now, it is an unlikely candidate for major investments anytime soon.

Unfortunately, there are little to no other traditional investment opportunities available. Fiat currencies are far too volatile to investment any money in right now., and most other assets are not showing that much promise now that the Chinese economy is stagnating. One option is to invest in new startups, but that will not generate any short-term returns.

While some people may discount Bitcoin as an investment opportunity right now, there is plenty of growth ahead for the popular digital currency. Thanks to its scarce total supply and low price per BTC for the time being, the entry barrier for digital currency has been lowered by quite a margin. But at the same time, Bitcoin should never be seen as a short-term investment either, as those days are behind us.

It is clear to anyone in the world to see how the investment world is slowly starting to change. Traditional options are no longer profitable, and there is no improvement in sight. Startups are risky investments, and will not generate a short-term profit. Bitcoin is no short-term success either, but the digital currency has the brightest prospects regarding a future price increase.

Source: Telegraph UK

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