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The World’s First Ransomware Class-Action Lawsuit Is Taking Shape

Most people will remember the NotPetya ransomware outbreak from a few weeks ago. One of the things that became immediately obvious was that most of the victims of this ransomware were located in Ukraine. It now turns out that one local firm may face legal action as a result of damages caused by this malware.  NotPetya Ransomware Causes a Lawsuit Apparently, ransomware can lead to a court case. The company responsible for developing …
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NotPetya Bitcoin Funds are on the Move, Alleged Team Member Demands 100 BTC Payment

There is a new development in the ongoing NotPetya story. This cyber weapon has caused massive damage to computers, leaving victims unable to recover their files. Someone seized control of the team’s Bitcoin wallet and moved $10, 000 worth of funds to a new address. There is also a new group on the scene who claims they can decrypt all encrypted files. NotPetya Story Turns Into Telenovela The NotPetya story is a …
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NotPetya Ransomware Attack can be Stopped in its Tracks With a Simple Batch File

The world awoke to a rather nasty surprise yesterday, as a new global ransomware attack was discovered. At first, it was assumed this was a Petya ransomware attack, but those claims were discredited later on. Luckily, it appears this undefined ransomware can be someone remedied, albeit there is no official killswitch whatsoever. It is evident criminals are not giving up on ransomware anytime soon. Yet Another Global Ransomware Attack One …
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