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New Vehicles in Norway Are Now 50% Electric, Favored over Gasoline Cars

The market share of electric cars, which was only a fraction of that of gasoline cars a few years ago, has reached 50 percent in Norway. Over the past 12 months, an identical number of electric vehicles as gasoline cars have been manufactured in Norway, demonstrating the country’s exponential adoption of electric cars. Electric Cars Favored Over Gasoline Cars In Norway, a liter of gasoline costs around $2, a rate that …
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DNB’s Vipps App Makes Buying Bitcoin In Norway Inadvertently Easier

It is good to hear that buying Bitcoin has become significantly easier in Norway. Contrary to what people may expect, this is made possible thanks to DNB launching their new mobile app. Vipps allows users in Norway to transfer money by using a mobile phone number as the recipient. BitcoinsNorway, one of the largest local cryptocurrency exchanges, enabled Vipps support yesterday. This is a positive development, but it will not affect …
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