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Blockchain Enabled ‘Bounty Hunters’ Set to Become the Future of Cybersecurity

The current state of the so-called ’Threat Intelligence’ industry is fundamentally broken. When looking at just cryptocurrency alone, we have seen numerous examples of successful attacks. These have ranged from the collapse of the DAO to recent scandals such as the Blackwallet hack and NiceHash digital heist, which represented losses of $400k and $63million, respectively. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article On top of the immediate financial losses suffered by …
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Nicehash Loses $70m Worth of Bitcoin Due to Security Breach

Cryptocurrency and related activities have attracted the attention of many cybercriminals. In most cases, these criminals go after exchange users or online wallet services. However, they will target any other service which stores Bitcoin balances at some point. In the case of Nicehash, a security breach took place this week, and its Bitcoin wallet has been emptied. This is another major blow for the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole. Nicehash Hack …
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Cryptocurrency Hash Rental Service Review – Nicehash

It is not all that easy to find a legitimate cryptocurrency cloud mining service. Nicehash is one of the few companies people can trust these days. The platform specializes in cloud mining, hash rental services, and multipool mining. It is refreshing to see legitimate companies pop up now and the in the landscape filled with Ponzi Schemes. Now is a good time to look at what Nicehash offers to its …
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