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Deep Neural Network Creates Surprisingly Accurate Simulations of the Universe

It is baffling what one can achieve with artificial intelligence. Ranging from mundane tasks to major scientific research, the possibilities are virtually limitless. One interesting development comes in the form of how a new 3D simulation of the universe turns out to be far more accurate than anything humans ever put together. Oddly enough, the creators of this AI have no idea why that is the case.  AI Becomes Smarter …
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Neural Network Comes Up With Creative Results While Naming Different Colors

Neural networks are one of the many great technological innovations our society can take advantage of in the near future. Before that can happen, however, we need to train these neural networks and make them smarter. This technology may not necessarily be the best candidate when it comes to naming colors, though. Although some of the names and descriptions are rather hilarious, it also shows there is still a lot …
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