NATO Officials Consider Using Artificial intelligence for Strategic Verdicts on key Issues

If it is up to NATO, the goal is to introduce artificial intelligence as a tool to help render decisions on important matters. As strange as this may sound, it is not a joke by any means. NATO is contemplating using AI to deliver strategic verdicts on key issues. It is unclear when this technology will be implemented exactly, yet the prospect is quite appealing. NATO and AI are an …
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NATO Shows Interest in Military Applications of Blockchains

On the 25th of April, NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency released details regarding the 2106 Innovation Challenge, which provides a venue for innovators to showcase their state-of-the-art military-focused IT solutions. This year’s Innovation Challenge focuses on four categories: Cyber Defense, Internet of Things, Military application of Blockchains, Cognitive computing and machine learning. According to the release, NATO seems to have taken an interest in the application of blockchains in …
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