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Criminals Leverage SambaCry Vulnerability to Gain Backdoor Access to NAS Devices

Computers are no longer the only devices susceptible to attacks. We have seen various types of malware targeting Internet of Things devices in recent months. It now appears that there is a new SambaCry vulnerability, capable of¬†exploiting NAS devices. These devices can easily be backdoored by this exploit. NAS Devices Are at Risk of Getting Hacked Many people have a NAS device somewhere at home. These Network Attached Storage devices …
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QNAP and Canonical Optimize Ubuntu For IoT Purposes

The Internet Of Things movement has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Not just enthusiasts, but also major firms in the technology sector are working on developing new IoT initiatives. A Partnership between QNAP and Canonical will help optimize Ubuntu on NAS systems for Internet of Things applications. Optimizing Ubuntu For IoT Purposes Similarly to what Microsoft has done with Windows 10, QNAP and Canonical want to optimize …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – Synolock

Most people will be well aware by now how Bitcoin ransomware can come in a variety of forms, and how no two versions share many similarities. Synolock is an especially interesting – yet also limited – piece of malware that is designed specifically to target owners of a Synology Disk Station. All of the files on the NAS are encrypted, and the only way to restore access is by paying …
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