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Regarding EnjinCoin’s “Game Channels” Announcement

There have already been a number of major announcements made by gaming cryptocurrencies in what is shaping up to be a pivotal year for game coins as a whole. This trend has accelerated recently, as EnjinCoin (ENJ) has made a major announcement regarding its future developments. On January 28, EnjinCoin announced its upcoming game channels technology branded as “Efinity”. Efinity represents a gamified lightning network-esque network with speeds and costs capable of handling millions of …
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Gaming Coins Are Thriving, and This Is Only the Beginning

Since December, video game-related currencies across the board have exploded in price and volume. Video games represent an industry prime for blockchain integration, and initial penetration is poised to take place as early as this year. Gaming cryptocurrencies are growing on an industry-wide scale to new all-time highs every day. EnjinCoin (ENJ) has grown from under US$0.03 to over US$0.30. GameCredits (GAME) and its sister coin, MobileGO (MGO) have both …
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Kraken stops supporting Namecoin due to low trading volume

During the last couple of days, Kraken has received lots of media attention, mainly thanks to their involvement in paying back people affected by the Mt Gox hack. However, not many know that the bitcoin exchange recently decided to reassess which of their coins were worth keeping and not. With this in mind, according to a recent blog post, Kraken decided to delist Namecoin from their exchange. Based on this, …
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