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Multiversum: Delivering 4th Generation Blockchain – A Crypto Relational Database Pre-ICO raises $2.9million in just six days

Multiversum, the innovative fourth generation blockchain technology platform, has raised $2.9 million in just six days in its pre-ICO, for which the hard cap is $65million, with the main ICO beginning in April. A spokesperson for the company indicated that they were very happy with the results so far and, moreover, that they expected to hit the hard cap before the sale closes. Multiversum defines itself as a fourth generation …
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Multiversum: Relations for Complex Entities

Multiversum was developed to tackle the elephant in the room: the simplistic nature of first generation blockchain. While blockchain has some amazing features – immutability, transparency and security – it has major issues in terms of scalability and speed. Recent high-profile examples showcased the inefficiencies of the technology. In December, CrypoKitties exposed the fragility of Ethereum, often banded the super computer of blockchain. The entire platform ground to a halt …
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