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OpenBazaar’s OBT Token Creates New Monetization Opportunities

OpenBazaar is a project of great interest to many cryptocurrency users all over the world. This decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace solution opens up a lot of opportunities. OpenBazaar’s developers are always looking to make their product more appealing. Introducing native tokens and smart contracts are two ways of doing exactly that. More big Features Come to OpenBazaar No one can deny that OpenBazaar is the marketplace of the future. Although it may only …
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Consumers Need To Pay More Attention To Monetizing Their Personal Data

The concept of money has changed a lot throughout history. While most people seem to agree that the exchange of value is labeled as money, data experts are claiming that there are other forms of monetary exchange in the world today. Data is quickly becoming the new money, as it holds significant value to both owner and recipient. Is there, however, such a thing as “financial equality” when data becomes …
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