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MoneroV Hard Fork Suffers from Borked Livenet Launch

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are a fair few hard forks to contend with as of right now. Although Monero has seen its fair share of forked clones recently, it seems the MoneroV fork is not going exactly as planned. In fact, the scheduled launch of its mainnet has come and gone, and there is no working code to speak of. The Curious Case of MoneroV It has to be said …
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Poloniex Will Not Support MoneroV and Will Disable Monero Transactions on Monday

With all of the hard forks going on in the world of cryptocurrency, it is difficult for exchanges to keep tabs on things. It now seems most of the exchanges will not support the upcoming MoneroV hard fork. For some people, this is anything but a surprise, whereas others see it as a form of censorship. Poloniex Wants Nothing to do With MoneroV Monero users are all too aware that there …
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What Is MoneroV?

Forked versions of existing cryptocurrencies have become the new normal. There are multiple forks of Bitcoin in existence, although some altcoins also have their own “offspring”. Monero is about to join this illustrious list, as the MoneroV hard fork is scheduled to occur in about a week. Why Does MoneroV Exist? It is evident Monero has gotten a lot of attention due to its focus on anonymity. However, the MoneroV hard fork is …
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