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The Best Monero Wallets of 2018

Every cryptocurrency in the world has its own set of wallet solutions. Whether one wants to use paper storage, a desktop client, or a web wallet, all of these tools can be found for all cryptocurrencies which take themselves somewhat seriously. In the case of Monero, there are a few different solutions to choose from, although there was still no hardware wallet support at the time of writing. That situation may soon come …
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Top 3 Monero Wallet Solutions

There are several Monero wallets currently under development which will be released soon. Ledger, for its part, is apparently working on adding XMR integration. Until that happens, there are a few existing solutions people can check out as well. Always make sure to set up your wallet properly, though. 3. Standard Monero GUI Although it may not sound all that appealing to use the regular Monero GUI wallet, this project was created specifically to ensure users …
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