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Moirai ICO Seems to be Shrouded in Half-Truths

Moirai is one of the many initial coin offerings to have launched in recent weeks. Although the project seems to have a lot of merit, there are some initial concerns to take into account as well. One of┬áthe alleged advisers┬álisted on its website isn’t even involved in this project, for one thing. This is not an uncommon tactic in the ICO world whatsoever, but it’s always cause for concern. There …
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Moirai to Become One of the First Regulated ICOs

29th October 2017 – ICO regulation remains the grey area in crypto-scene despite recent ICO bans in China and South Korea along with other countries attempting to draw regulatory lines on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. However, there are projects that are ready to take the first step on their own. Prediction Markets LTD, a London-based company that is developing a new decentralized prediction market platform based on Ethereum smart contracts – …
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