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What Is Ontology Cryptocurrency?

It seems there is one cryptocurrency and blockchain project which has been making a lot of waves lately. Known as Ontology, this new high-performance public blockchain will be quite interesting to keep an eye on. So far, the project is still in the early stages of development, but there will be some milestones to be achieved in the coming months. Ontology Explained When it comes to public blockchains, one of the more pressing …
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Mori is a Modular Origami Robot With Unlimited Potential

There are many different types of robotics today. Some people prefer the larger robots capable of fighting against one another, whereas scientists are making robotics as small as possible. There is now a modular origami robot as well, which shows that the possibilities are virtually endless. Mori, as this modular origami robot is known, will serve some rather unique purposes. Why Would Anyone Need an Origami Robot? The worlds of modular …
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