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What Is DENT Cryptocurrency?

We have seen dozens of new projects in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency over the years. Surprisingly, very few aim to combine blockchain and digital assets with mobile data. DENT proves to be rather different in this regard, as it aims to create an open marketplace to sell and buy mobile data. As such, the DENT cryptocurrency is of great interest to people all over the world. What is DENT Trying …
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Android Oreo Bug Consumes Mobile Data While WiFi is Active

Even though Android Oreo has not been around for very long, a major bug has already been discovered. It appears there is an exploit which bypasses the user’s WiFi preference and begins using up their mobile data instead. This will incur additional costs, even if the user sets a specific allowance of data to be used. Google is doggedly working on a fix, which is good news. The Android Oreo Bug is …
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