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What Is Nodes as a Service (NaaS)?

Whether you’re a blockchain startup or an established business, it’s extremely expensive to launch your own node network – and even more expensive to maintain it. Since blockchain became a household name, providing the solution to any problem, CEOs around the globe have been urging their tech teams to “go blockchain.” But it’s not as simple as it sounds – and that’s where Nodes as a Service (NaaS) comes in. Many developers …
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Can Anyone Mine Bitcoin, and What Is Mining as a Service?

Once your attention flips from the dramatic drops and rises in bitcoin’s value and you’ve gotten over the marketing hype about blockchains and ICOs, your thoughts may eventually turn to how the whole thing works. Terms like “bitcoin mining” and “digital gold” conjure up images of men with hardhats descending into dimly-lit caves, but that’s obviously not how this commodity is mined. That begs the question of how it is. …
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