Can Price of RaiBlocks Reach $2.00 Amid Exchange Attacks?

Of all cryptocurrencies, RaiBlocks boasts perhaps the most exciting chart currently. The coin has appreciated almost 10 times against the dollar since the start of December, and over 50 times since the summer, to US$1.63. However, with its two main exchanges now down, will its surge continue? RaiBlocks (XRB) is primarily traded on two smaller exchanges, BitGrail and Mercatox. As of right now, Bitgrail is currently down for maintenance for an unknown period of time, and Mercatox appears to …
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The MERCATOX Platform Crowdsale Campaign is Underway

MERCATOX is a world-renowned trading platform which is currently hosting a crowdfunding campaign. For the time being, the platform is operating in a beta environment and aims to offer universal commerce. Combining different aspects of digital money, MERCATOX will also act as a multi-functional platform with automated trading functionalities. MERCATOX Crowdfunding Campaign Is Underway The MERCATOX platform brings high expectations to the world of trading digital money. With an automated …
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