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Navajocoin – introducing anon transactions using subchains

What is it? Navajocoin is a X13 based cryptocurrency featuring a POW and POS stage. It evolved from Summercoin V2 which was launched in May 2014.  As the developer was working on a new feature called the Navajo Anonymous Technology the rebranding came along which transformed SUM2 to NAV NAV’s history Let us briefly go over how Navajocoin was created. It isn’t a new gimmicky shitcoin with an anon dev. …
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Is Bitcoin’s uptrend coming to an end?

Will Bitcoin keep climbing? The latest price of Bitcoin as of now is $564 according to BTC-E. We were able to hit the mid 600’s untill Bitcoin suddenly dropped to below $600. What might have caused it? As a disclaimer the following is pure speculation and we are not responsible for any loss of Bitcoins, but it seems pretty obvious that the fact that the Marshalls are selling 30k Bitcoins …
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