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Brass Golem Just Launched on Mainnet

Golem just revealed it’s now running Brass Golem Beta on the Ethereum mainnet. While it’s still in the beta testing stage, this switch from a testnet makes it possible to trade real GNT for computer processing power for the first time. When Golem launched in November 2016, the team promised it would be “Airbnb for computers”, a supercomputer where users could buy and sell processing power in exchange for its …
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What is ICON Cryptocurrency – Whitepaper Explained

As both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology become more and more mainstream, several projects are pioneering the push to incorporate this revolutionary tech into economies, markets, and industries worldwide. As international conglomerates, financial institutions, and national governments begin to incorporate blockchains, it is likely that this fusion will only grow. One such cryptocurrency that has already seen adoption in a number of major industries is ICON (ICX), a South Korea-based project seeking to “hyperconnect …
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