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These 3 Reasons Will get you Excited About Maglev Trains

Public transportation is often considered to be both a blessing and a curse rolled into one. It is convenient because humans don’t have to drive a vehicle across the road. It is a curse if the transportation vehicle doesn’t arrive on time. When it comes to maglev trains, there are a lot of different reasons to at least give this form of transportation a fair chance.  High Speeds Make People …
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Top 6 Fastest Bullet Trains

Public transportation comes in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. In Japan, bullet trains are making a lot of headlines. Also known as Shinkansen, the network of high-speed railway lines produces some impressive train “speeds” The following vehicles show how fast trains are capable of traveling on this network of railways. “STAR21” Surpasses 260 MPH It is almost unthinkable to be seated on a bullet train capable of surpassing a …
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