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PR – CopPay Entered E-commerce Market – Big Deal with Magento Provider

The multicryptocurrency payment system CopPay and Aitoc, a provider of custom solutions for the e-commerce CMS platform Magento, have concluded a memorandum of cooperation. Aitoc will create a plug-in for implementation of the CopPay payment gates in e-commerce services using CMS Magento and will include it in the packages of solutions that they offer to their customers. Moreover, according to the agreements, Aitoc is ready to provide technical support for …
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Criminals Embed Credit Card Loggers In E-Commerce Product Images

Steganography is a powerful tool which allows anyone to hide specific information in images. Magento users may want to pay specific attention to configuring their site, as assailants will use their media library to embedded credit card swipers in sites. For anyone running an e-commerce platform, this is a major security concern. Criminals Once Again Use Steganography For Malicious Purposes The art of steganography is often underestimated, even though it …
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