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Totle Swap is the Latest Project to Integrate Loopring

The recent Loopring update offers tremendous throughput improvements for the cryptocurrency industry. Totle Swap is the latest service provider to integrate this functionality. Any exchange or trading platform benefits from what Loopring has brought to the table in the recent update.  Unlocking the Power of Loopring Any improvement in scalability and transaction throughput will be greatly appreciated. Totle Swap allows users to swap ether or top erc20 coins directly  Due …
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LoopRing’s zkRollup Continues to Demonstrate Tremendous Potential

There are always some developments in the cryptocurrency space worth paying attention to. LoopRing’s implementation of zkRollup for DEXes is certainly paying off. It is a very interesting way of scaling transactions on Ethereum. zkRollup is a Powerful Tool The main benefit of zkRollup is how transactions can be bunched together, instead of being handled individually. Several DEXes could benefit from implementing this technology in the future. WeDEX is one …
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What Is Loopring?

Decentralized exchange solutions will be a major blessing for the cryptocurrency world. Right now, too many people have to rely on centralized services, which carry a lot of risk and inconvenience. Loopring is a new decentralized exchange protocol well worth keeping an eye on. It contains a decentralized automated execution system to protect users from counterparty risk. Loopring Focuses on Decentralization First and Foremost One can never have enough decentralized solutions …
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