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On the Move: Here’s How Blockchain Tech Is Improving Logistics

We’ve seen use cases for blockchain tech across many industries, yet logistics is one in particular that’s seeing real results. As more of the world starts doing business with the rest of the world, a lot of things are getting moved from place to place. And while crypto can take care of payments, product still has to physically get from point A to point B. We haven’t come up with a technology that …
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Logistics Revolution is Chained to Cargo Robots

The efficiency of logistics chains has reached its peak. The further development is possible only by virtue of innovation. The most demanded and expected innovation is the transition to the unmanned cargo robotic technologies. Need for speed At the end of 2016, Amazon had 310 million active users. The number of Amazon customers is growing by an average of 10 million people quarterly. Jeffrey Bezos logistics empire delivers your parcel …
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