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LNK Silver Trading Platform to Launch on April 16

LNK Silver Link team (Link Platform) is planning to launch their silver trading platform on April 16 starting with a User Whitelisting, five days later the Application will fully launch and minting will start at https://silverlink.io For the users who already don’t know what Link Platform does, here is a brief overview: Silver Link Platform focuses in offering silver trading on the blockchain using the Ethereum network as host, fast …
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Silver Backed Cryptocurrency – Ethereum Link

What if we started backing the value of cryptocurrency with some tangible commodity? How would that change the way we view this market? Many of the innovative projects in the cryptosphere are based on the Ethereum Blockchain. One of these projects is called Ethereum Link. It hopes bring the blockchain solutions of Ethereum into the world of business and have it fit seamlessly. The specific solutions are for autonomous management …
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Ransomware Is Now Spreading Through Computer Shortcut Files

Ransomware is such a big threat these days; it seems to be looming around every corner on the Internet. While most types of malware are downloaded to the computer or another device directly, some of the newer forms are hiding in shortcuts. This is quite an exciting development, as it also increases the chances of doing significant damage to an infected machine. Your Device Shortcuts May Contain Ransomware Email attachments …
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