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Cryptocurrency Exchange Liqui to Shut Down in March 2019

It would appear there is yet another cryptocurrency exchange crumbling under the overall market pressure. After Cryptopia got hacked earlier this week, it now appears Liqui is shutting down as well. Although there is no hack to speak of, the news is not positive in the slightest. Liqui is Shutting Down for Good Based on the current overall conditions, it appears as if the “golden days” of cryptocurrency exchanges are …
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Liqui.io Users Report Hacked Funds

Liqui.io is a cryptocurrency exchange based out of Kiev, Ukraine. Earlier today, users reported a Ukranian IP had logged in and emptied their accounts. The reports came from the ethtrader subreddit and from the exchange’s trollbox. According to the exchange, someone is trying to brute force users’ accounts and 2FA should be activated immediately. A few hours after a user posted a reddit thread claiming 3.5 Bitcoins have just disappeared from his Liqui account, …
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