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Japanese Bitcoin Exchange bitFlyer Limits Deposits and Withdrawals

Over the past few months, we have seen Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges introduce certain limitations when it comes to withdrawals. This was, apparently, due to new AML regulations. In an email sent out to clients, it appears bitFlyer is looking to do the same. Quick Deposit users will face deposit and withdrawal limitations moving forward. The company is dealing with a growing number of illegal acts. A Necessary Setback for Bitcoin …
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Coinbase Switches To Weekly User Limits To Avoid Customer Frustration

Coinbase remains one of the most popular Bitcoin exchange platforms to date. The introduction of new weekly buy and sell limits on the platform is an interesting change. In doing so, the company is moving away from their daily limits, which annoyed a lot of people. ¬†After a very long period, this change has now gone live. Weekly Limits Seem Better For Most Users Just because the Coinbase limits are …
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