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Life.SREDA is proud to announce a venture fund meant for blockchain startup investments

According to recent reports, a Singapore-based venture known by the name of Life.SREDA will launch a fund meant to encourage banks from all around the world to invest into blockchain startups. In return, Life.SREDA hopes that early-state blockchain companies will get access to start-up capital, needed to establish their services on the market, thus further promoting the possibilities of blockchain technology. The venture fund that has been named ‘Banking on …
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Singapore-based Life.SREDA Launches Blockchain Investment Fund Aimed at Smaller Banks

Life.SREDA, a venture capital fund based in Singapore, has partnered with financial expert and fintech specialist Chris Skinner, to give mid-size financial institutions access to the rapidly-growing blockchain ecosystem. The new venture fund called Banking on Blockchain Fund, has launched with an initial capital infusion of $5 million from Life.SREDA, but the near-term goal of the venture is to expand its capital base to $50 million by the end of …
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