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Survey: Public Wants Amazon to Issue Virtual Currency

There have been numerous discussions as to whether or not Amazon will ever accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. So far, the company is not even remotely inclined to do so. A recent survey by LendEDU shows that Amazon could easily become the go-to company for various financial services, including its own native currency and banking. It will be interesting to see if the e-commerce giant will ever explore these options …
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Survey: Most Americans Don’t Care About Ethereum or Ripple

With all cryptocurrency markets seeing substantial growth this year, global interest in this new form of money has increased. A new report by LendEDU shows the extent to which people are actually investing in cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Although only 1,000 Americans were surveyed, the results paint a very interesting picture. It seems a lot of altcoins still have their work cut out for them in terms of education and awareness. LendEDU Survey Shows Bitcoin is …
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