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KeepKey vs Trezor vs Ledger Nano

Bitcoin Hardware wallets are a hot product as they are much secure than traditional software wallets. A Hardware wallet stores the private keys aka your bitcoins on the device itself instead of on your computer in a file. As a result, you reduce the attack surface for a hacker to try and steal your coins. Even if your computer is compromised with a keylogger and a RAT (Remote Access Tool), if …
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Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet Review and Unboxing

We recently got our hands on the newly release Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet. It is a hardware wallet designed to securely store your bitcoin private keys offline with a paper backup. By storing your private keys offline on a piece of hardware you eliminate the possibility of malware stealing your bitcoins. The wallet is so secure, that even if your machine is compromised, the provided security card renders the attack …
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