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Hardware Wallet Purchased on eBay Costs User Over $30,000 in Stolen Funds

In the world of cryptocurrencies, people tend to take unnecessary risks. Especially when it comes to obtaining and storing said cryptocurrencies, there is no reason whatsoever to look for shortcuts or save a few dollars. One Reddit user found this out the hard way. He purchased a malicious hardware wallet from eBay, which allowed the assailant to empty his crypto balances in quick succession. Close to US$30,000 worth of funds were stolen, and the …
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Ledger Nano S Review – an Affordable Hardware Wallet

Protecting your Bitcoin and Altcoins should be a priority for anyone who has more than just a few dollars worth of coins. Developers have been working tirelessly since Bitcoin’s inception on how to create secure and safe wallets for users. Many very good software wallets have come out since then, with varying degrees of security versus convenience. However the problem persisted, any computer -or mobile device- infected with Bitcoin-centric malware …
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