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Bitfinex Taps Law Firm to Deal With False Claims

Bitfinex has faced a lot of scrutiny over the past few months. While it is the world’s leading Bitcoin exchange, there have been some interesting developments behind the scenes. Many people are concerned about the relationship this exchange has with Tether, a company issuing digital tokens backed by fiat currency reserves. To counter  the claims leveled against it, the exchange has hired a major law firm. Steptoe & Johnson LLP is Representing …
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California Law Firm Provides Legal Counsel to Crypto Users

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are susceptible to losing funds in many different ways. Aside from human error, there are risks posed by failed ICOs, hacked exchanges, or other calamities. Taylor-Copeland Law is one of the first law firms specializing in these issues. We may be witnessing the creation of a new niche within the legal system as we know it today. Focusing on Exchanges and ICO Mishaps It was only a matter of time until law firms started …
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