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The Most Strange ICO Ever?

When New Yorks Post’s editor Kevin Dugan visited the website of Kodak dedicated to the company’s prominent ICO he was surprised. He found that the site contained “fake pictures”, a “dummy text” and wasn’t finished. Sorry to disturb all Kodak’s fans, but this seems to be not the last pitfall in company’s attempts to survive by joining the crypto hype. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Digital photo? What is …
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Kodak Announces ICO, KODAKOne, and KODAKCoin

Parallels between cryptocurrency adoption now and internet adoption in the nineties are becoming more apparent every day. Even companies with storied pasts and friction-filled relationships with the digital age are beginning to look into how cryptocurrencies can benefit them. The most recent example of this involves Kodak and its ICO. That’s right, the photography company founded in 1888 is going to hold an ICO. Say “I want to adopt cryptocurrencies into my …
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