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Karbo to Become Anon Stablecoin

Karbo whitepaper based on Buterin work released: low volatility, adaptive emission, masternodes, deposits on blockchain, dynamic fees and privacy. Goal of Karbo project is to create anonymous stablecoin – decentralized cryptocurrency with low price volatility by using new to crypto world techniques of regulating coin supply and its market price. Key principle of CryptoNote is adaptive parameters. Karbo already has adaptive block size limit and difficulty. In addition to it …
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Karbo releases mobile wallet for Android, first to support NFC

Karbo, the first CryptoNote coin that is not a fork of Monero has released its independently developed mobile wallet. This is a standalone wallet application that holds private keys and wallet files on the device. It is a so called “light wallet” that works with Karbo network through remote nodes and does not store blockchain data on the phone. Thanks to this, the wallet is ready to use upon installation, …
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Karbo – Younger Brother of Monero with Extremely Low Fees and Mobile, Lite Wallets About to be Released

Cryptocurrency Karbo (formerly Karbowanec), was founded by Ukrainian volunteer and crypto enthusiasts as a free exchange medium – an egalitarian, decentralized system with improved privacy, in which the value of its units is based solely on demand and supply of the free market and where everyone can take part in the emission of the coins with their ordinary computers as mining devices. It is worth mentioning, that mining algorithm is …
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