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Interview: Karatbars CEO Harald Seiz Comments on Recent Scam Allegations

If you have been following crypto news, you’ve seen quite a few articles alleging that Karatbars is a scam. Coindesk recently reported about Florida financial regulators investigating KBC, which sparked a snowball of negative publicity for the company. It’s only fair for a company to have a chance to defend themselves, regardless of the accusations. As such we decided to ask Harald Seiz, the founder and CEO of Karatbars International …
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The $100m Karatbars ICO Raises Questions Which Can’t be Answered

A growing list of cryptocurrency-themed projects have turned out to be complete scams. Although there are some exceptions, most of those ventures are no longer around. In the case of Karatbars, it seems things have begun to unravel in quick succession. The project is under investigation for a variety of reasons.  Karatbars and its Gold Reserves Regulators in the US have taken offense to the Karatbars project. Not just because …
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