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How to Find Work in the Remote Economy

Remote work in the COVID-19 economy has boomed in both popularity and necessity. But even before COVID-19 hit the world and sent millions to work from home, many people were still working remotely. A number of big reasons are driving remote work. The Great Recession forced many U.S. companies to close down office space and push employees to work from home. New developments in technology such as messaging apps like …
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US Unemployment Rise Should Not Affect Fed Interest Rate Hike in Two Weeks

Even though the US economy is showing small signs of improvement, things are not evolving in the right direction by definition. In fact, the unemployment rates continue to go up, suddenly reaching a five-month high. At the same time, the labor market continues to strengthen, and this unemployment rise is only a minor drawback, according to experts. Rising Unemployment Numbers In The United States The new unemployment numbers came as …
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How To Land A Bitcoin Job In 2016

When it comes to landing a job in the Bitcoin industry, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what skills companies are looking for. One thing to keep in mind is how most companies are on the lookout for developers and coders, but there are other options at your disposal as well. No talent is wasted in the Bitcoin industry by any means. Also read: Things Are …
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