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Top 3 Reasons Why Bitcoin’s Price is Suppressed Right Now

Bitcoin’s market has been up and down the past few days. In a previous article The Merkle covered the top 3 reasons why Bitcoin’s is currently rising. Japan’s adoption, the attention received from the WannaCry ransomware, and The Flippening are just some of the reasons for Bitcoin’s latest price craze. However, there are also quite a few issues which are currently suppressing the cryptocurrency’s price. 3. Scaling Debate Bitcoin has …
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Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu Will Firmly Support Funding of Bitcoin Unlimited

ViaBTC, the mining pool firmly supporting Bitcoin Unlimited, posted a rather intriguing Tweet earlier today. As it turns out, the CEO of Bitmain, named Jihan Wu, reaffirmed the support for Unlimited. But that is not the shocking part, as he will also help fund the project development and application of Unlimited. All of this will be confirmed during HaoBTC’s anniversary party later today. Jihan Wu Goes All-in On Bitcoin Unlimited …
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