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Chinese VPN Vendor Sentenced to Five and a Half Years in Prison

Most people are well aware of how China isn’t exactly known for freedom of speech. Especially in the online world, accessing the information you need there is a big challenge. Until recently, it was possible to bypass most limitations through a VPN connection. However, the government has begun arresting and sentencing VPN service providers. One Chinese entrepreneur received a jail sentence of five and a half years for providing such a …
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Coin.mx Team Member Jailed for Running Illegal Bitcoin Exchange

There is a new development in the ongoing Coin.mx court case. As most people are well aware, this particular cryptocurrency exchange operated without an official license, which prompted the US government to scrutinize all of its operators. Yuri Lebedev has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for his part in this Bitcoin exchange. It’s an interesting plot twist, to say the very least. Coin.mx Employee Faces Extended Jail Time The story of Coin.mx has been …
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VPN Reseller in China Sentenced to 9 Months in Jail

Most people are well aware that the Chinese government does not like freedom of speech all that much. The government has no intention of providing access to most online sources of information either. The Great Firewall of China has been subject to plenty of scrutiny over the years. One way to bypass this problem is using a VPN. However, one person selling VPNs to evade the country’s blockade recently got jailed for his actions. …
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