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The Trump Administration Plans to Privatize the ISS

Many of my regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of outer space. I am inspired by it and believe it is ultimately the destiny of humans to be an interplanetary species. We’ve already been to the Moon, but most of our manned missions have been to the International Space Station and back for a while now. Recent documents have suggested that the Trump administration is considering …
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World’s Cutest Camera Drone Is Now a Permanent Resident Aboard the ISS

When people talk about drones, the discussion will eventually turn toward privacy concerns and safety risks. However, this technology can also be used to do a lot of good. A new Japanese spherical drone was launched to the ISS last month, providing astronauts with helpful features. Plus, it’s very cute. New ISS Drone Is Adorable and Functional at the Same Time Astronauts aboard the ISS were happy to welcome their new …
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