Tag: Interoperability

Decentralized Oracles Make Aelf a More Versatile Blockchain Project

Interoperability between different blockchains and cryptocurrency ecosystem is very difficult to achieve. By default, there is no reason to interact with competing projects. The Aelf blockchain sees things a bit differently, and its latest update may usher in a new era of communication. Communicating with and relying on third-party data from other chains and data sources is a big step forward. The Purpose of Chainlink Oracles To achieve communication with …
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What Is XRouter?

Developing a decentralized internet is one of the many possible outcomes of combining cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure. The so-called Blockchain Router may make that vision come true a lot sooner than originally anticipated. Designed by Blocknet, it is a major step forward in improving blockchain interoperability. The XRouter Concept Anyone who has kept a close eye on blockchain and cryptocurrency developments will have noted a peculiar trend. Despite the growing number of ventures in these …
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What Is Cosmos?

Although many different blockchains exist to serve different purposes, interoperability between these networks will remain a problematic venture for some time to come. Whether or not Cosmos will be able to make a major impact in this regard remains to be seen. The project is designed to build an internet of blockchains, although that challenge may be far steeper than originally assumed. Cosmos Wants to Connect Blockchains It is commendable …
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