Tag: Internet Privacy

DC Judge Tells DOJ to Leave Anti-Trump Traffic Logs Alone

Internet rights and freedom of assembly advocates rejoice! The judiciary has come down on the side of US citizens fighting to protect their rights. We recently reported on President Trump’s Department of Justice requesting identifying information on visitors to a protest website, but that may now be a thing of the past. A judge has issued a statement indicating that the United States government has “no right to rummage” through the anti-Trump …
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Trump Signs Away Internet Privacy Protections with a Congressional Review Act

The apparent war against the Internet continues in the United States under the Trump administration. Yesterday, President Trump put pen to paper and signed the latest set of privacy killing and net neutrality reversing policies into effect. This is a worrying state of affairs, considering how Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai has been acting in his historical vested interests in big Telecom companies. Under these new rules, the FCC will …
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