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Germany Inches Closer to Nation-wide Negative Interest Rates

Financial trouble has been brewing across the Euro zone for some time. Germany is one of the first countries to force its negative interest rates upon regular consumers. Many people aren’t aware of how all European countries have dealt with negative interest rates for years. Negative Interest Rates are Problematic The ECB has been forcing these rates upon countries for up to five years now. In most cases, that would …
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High Interest Rates on Cryptocurrency Loans are not Sustainable

One peculiar trend in the cryptocurrency industry is how crypto loans can become very lucrative. A lot of platforms and services now offer interest rates of up to 10% for specific currencies and assets. Although this gets many people excited, one has to openly question how sustainable this business model really is.  Establishing Interest Rates The cryptocurrency lending business model is not that different from a bank loan. People are …
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Deteriorating UK Economy Signals Time for Plan Bitcoin

Things are only getting worse for the United Kingdom, by the look of things. As many people expect, the Bank of England decided to cut interest rates in half, with a possibility or lowering them further if needed. Additionally, the Pound Sterling took another beating, and the economy in the UK is quickly deteriorating. If there were ever a time for plan Bitcoin in the UK, this would be it. …
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